Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So much going on.. Little time to Blog..

Blogging has not been at the top of our list the last few weeks. I have been studying for my exam and also started a new part time job at the Wamego Country Club. I will just be working a few days each week but that is okay. Jared had been busy getting ready for the big golf tourney at the golf course as well. In our free time which is not often we get in some golf.

Sunday after we got off work we headed back to Troy to see our families. It was a quick trip but we love getting to spend time with them even if its just for one day.  As we finished packing and were about to leave Barkley was worried he was going to be left behind. So, he made sure that he was going to catch a ride with us!  Such a silly dog!

This weekend we will be heading to Perry for some boating with my parents! Haven't been all year so it should be a grand time! Other then that I will continue to job search and study for my exam!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golf Tourney and Good Friends...

We started our weekend off on Thursday with Colin and Bekah coming to visit. Bekah and I spend the day in St. Marys with lunch at Emerald Diner, coffee at MJ's and just chatting at the apartment. It was so good to get caught up on each others lives. Its hard to find great friends but I have been truly blessed to find great friends at KSU.

Saturday we spend the day on the golf course and it was amazing. My team got first in our flight and we won $25.00!! :) For some odd reason I did not take many pictures.. Oh well!

Sunday Reid, Jared and I headed to  my parents swimming pool. It was not to hot out but the water felt nice. Barkley even took a swim and he hated it as usually. We headed home that evening because Jared had to work yesterday. Overall it was a great weekend..

Barkley hanging out at Aunt Barb and Uncle Barry's house!