Friday, May 28, 2010

The Pepperoni Roll Challenge.....

I am sure that many of you are unaware that Jared and I have a cousin named Colin that is in love with Gumby's Pepperoni Rolls. Every time he would visit us in Manhattan he would get 20 or so just to have some to take home. Well, he came to visit yesterday and my challenge was to try and make some just like Gumby's.. Well, I found a recipe online and made some small changes, they were good just not Gumby's good! Next time I am going to make my own pizza crust and hope they turn out better!!

Jared and I are so excited to be playing in a Golf Tourney on Saturday! Hope the weather continues to be beautiful! 

God Bless,
Jared and Danielle


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One part of the RD exam has be reviewing Science of food, what nutrients are in what foods and so on. Well, since I have been so board I have set a goal that once or twice a week I make a new recipe! I can't help but think of the material I have been reviewing while I am cooking and what nutrients the items contain.

Tuesday night I prepared and Taco ring from the Papered Chef cookbook that my mother gave me for Christmas..

Today, I prepared peanut butter cookies and Chocolate cookies that are Caramel filled. I have always wanted to make the chocolate cookies ever since Carol Johnson made them for me on my Birthday when I was in high school. So, I gave them a try today and they turned out great! Jared will be taking these cookies to the golf course tomorrow.. They do not need to hang around our house..

For dinner tonight I prepared a breakfast sausage casserole from allrecipies.com.. Fingers crossed that it turns out!

A dear friend Bekah,  that I met my first day at KSU in Chemistry 1 is coming down to got out for lunch tomorrow. I could not be more excited! I have not seen her since the Pediatric Forum at Children's Mercy and they were not worried about us getting caught up on each others lives so that is what tomorrow is for! We are also going to have a guest, Colin! We love when he comes to visit us!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life slowed down, Now more time for blogging.!.!

Last week was our first week without school and VA internship. I have to admit I was bored out of my mind. Crazy I know but I love the trill of deadlines, seeing patients, charting and all the stress that comes along with it. But I have one small item that I need to be studying for but I can only take an hour of that or so each day...In order to get myself to study I stroll down to  MJ's Coffee shop. Which is my new place to study and I have to say it again I love that place!

With all of the rain Jared has not had to work as long of hours as he did last week which it is nice to have him home fairly early in the evenings. So, Friday night we headed down the street to try out Emerald's diner and it was amazing. The owners are the nicest people and the food was out of this world.. We both agreed that we will be visiting them again soon!

One of the perks of him working at the Country club is free golf for him and his wife.. So on Saturday afternoon Jared and I headed to the golf course. I have never played 18 hours and with a golf tourney coming up I figured I better give it a go.. It was a success and we both had a wonderful time. Some pictures from my Iphone, the course is beautiful and I can't wait to play it again this week!

Barkley in the flowers and Steve and Angie's house! He was hot and looking for a cool place!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Town.. New favorites

Since we moved to Saint Mary's in December and it was a very cold winter, I never really had time to explore what all the small town has to offer. Now that things have slowed way down for me but not so much for Jared, I have a ton of free time.  Yesterday I tried to study at home and was not very successful, after talking with my dear friend Bekah she said she was heading to the coffee shop to work on somethings. Light bulb moment, we have a coffee shop so I thought I would venture down the street to give it a whirl!  Well, it was a success because they have Amazing flavored tea and the barista was a delight. I feel like I am stating to meet some people in this new place. I will be visiting the coffee shop for my daily study session!

Next up on my To Do list for Saint Marys is to try Emerald Diner which is owned and operated by some fellow HMD students! http://www.emeralddiner.com/

                 Barkley thinks that everything is a blanket or a bag that he needs to get into go to bye bye!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Human Ecology Graduation...

I did it! I am officially a alum from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics  and a Secondary Major in Gerontology, next step to to set for my boards and become and RD, LD... So exciting!

After graduation everyone who attended went to our house for some sandwiches and dessert. It was so amazing to see all the people who have helped me through all the schooling and to see how proud they were of me. I have an amazing family! I opened cards and presents which was so much fun. Even people who could not attend sent cards to congratulate me which was really kind of them!

Next step in my life... I am currently job searching and searching.. I have faith in God that he will bring the right job to me when the time is right. Until then I will be studying for the RD Exam which I be able to take sometime this summer.. Not a chance that I am going to tell anyone what day it will be on...Well, Jared will have to know so that he can keep me calm! :) Then in a few years after Jared has a job and we are settled into a house I will go back and get my Masters.

I am at a very exciting time in my life and I am truly blessed to have the most amazing family and friends.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Barkley B.

May 7th our Barkley turned 3 years old in Human years! He is such a great dog and we can't imagine life without him! Happy Birthday Barkley!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life... A Busy one but Its Amazing!

A ton has been gong on in our lives... So much that we have not blogged since the Royals game! Since then we have spent our Friday nights when in St. Marys with the DeWitt Family! Friday nights in our night to get together for food and laughter! Last weekend we hosted them and it was a success expect Sara and I were not found of the wine selection.. Oh well life goes on!

Saturday since the house was clean and Jared was at the golf course working, which he loves that place. I started to study for the RD Exam, I have purchased an online study tool and have flash cards~ several hundred of them! Studying for this exam is going to be stressful but well worth it in end! Not much happened the rest of the weekend but quitly husband and wife time plus Barkley B who finally got his hair cut and he looks so handsome!

Further Events in our Life.......
Sunday, May 9th- Meeting Grandma Sharon and Mom for Lunch and shopping
Wednesday, May 12th- Danielle's Last Day at the VA.... 1000 hours of free labor~ CHECK 
Friday, May 14th- Jared and Danielle's Last day of school
Saturday, May 15th- Danielle's Graduation from KSU- Party following at our home

We have some exciting events coming and can not help but feel so blessed.. God is good to us!

Every post has to have some pictures! Jared Golfing a few weeks ago..  Golfing is always and interesting activity for the both of us!

                                                                                        The Picture above is Barkley and his friend 
                                                                                        Rob the Raccoon!