Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Town.. New favorites

Since we moved to Saint Mary's in December and it was a very cold winter, I never really had time to explore what all the small town has to offer. Now that things have slowed way down for me but not so much for Jared, I have a ton of free time.  Yesterday I tried to study at home and was not very successful, after talking with my dear friend Bekah she said she was heading to the coffee shop to work on somethings. Light bulb moment, we have a coffee shop so I thought I would venture down the street to give it a whirl!  Well, it was a success because they have Amazing flavored tea and the barista was a delight. I feel like I am stating to meet some people in this new place. I will be visiting the coffee shop for my daily study session!

Next up on my To Do list for Saint Marys is to try Emerald Diner which is owned and operated by some fellow HMD students! http://www.emeralddiner.com/

                 Barkley thinks that everything is a blanket or a bag that he needs to get into go to bye bye!

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