Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life... A Busy one but Its Amazing!

A ton has been gong on in our lives... So much that we have not blogged since the Royals game! Since then we have spent our Friday nights when in St. Marys with the DeWitt Family! Friday nights in our night to get together for food and laughter! Last weekend we hosted them and it was a success expect Sara and I were not found of the wine selection.. Oh well life goes on!

Saturday since the house was clean and Jared was at the golf course working, which he loves that place. I started to study for the RD Exam, I have purchased an online study tool and have flash cards~ several hundred of them! Studying for this exam is going to be stressful but well worth it in end! Not much happened the rest of the weekend but quitly husband and wife time plus Barkley B who finally got his hair cut and he looks so handsome!

Further Events in our Life.......
Sunday, May 9th- Meeting Grandma Sharon and Mom for Lunch and shopping
Wednesday, May 12th- Danielle's Last Day at the VA.... 1000 hours of free labor~ CHECK 
Friday, May 14th- Jared and Danielle's Last day of school
Saturday, May 15th- Danielle's Graduation from KSU- Party following at our home

We have some exciting events coming and can not help but feel so blessed.. God is good to us!

Every post has to have some pictures! Jared Golfing a few weeks ago..  Golfing is always and interesting activity for the both of us!

                                                                                        The Picture above is Barkley and his friend 
                                                                                        Rob the Raccoon!

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