Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Graeme Ryker

Looking back at all of my post! I missed a very important one! I may be because we moved over 1220 miles less then a week after his Birthday! 
We had a wonderful party at my parent's house and the theme was very hungry caterpillar! We didnt get to do as much as planned but it turned out perfect! All of our family came and Graeme was wonderful! His Birthday came at the perfect time. We were able to see everyone before we moved! I do not have the pictures on my computer since my mom took all of them. I do have picutes from his 1 year photo shoot! 

Christmas time at the Beach

December was a wonderful and trying month for the Sutherland Family! Our family's are so wonderful and showered us and Graeme with way to many gifts at Christmas time! My parent's arrived on my dad's 50th Birthday! That was not the only thing that came into our house! Graeme and I came down with a nasty bug! Poor Graeme had ear and eye infection and sore throat! We were so thankful to have my parents to help us out! We didn't get do all that we had planned for Christmas but made the best of it!  

You can tell how sick/tired Graeme is in the pictures! Poor baby!

Oh Blog How I have Failed you!!!

The good things about Spring... We all get a fresh start to improve on things! Well as Lent is coming to an end I am going to try and improve on my blog updating. Since my last post we have been blessed with many guest such as my parents, Aunt Tara and Grandma Sharon. ( My mom has visited the most,she Freaks if she doesn't see Graeme every (4-6weeks) I just hope that soon they will be calling SC home. Pray that the house will not be on the market long! I am going to do a summary of the last few months! Just so that I have it all down and that way it doesn't get lost in my head! IU wi Christmas blog coming soon!