Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Photo

Today was a long day but well worth it in the end! We had our first sonogram! It was so amazing to see our little baby and its heartbeat continues to be in the 170s! Maybe its a girl? We continue to pray that the next months continue to be happy and healthy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A New little Turkey At Thanksgiving..

Yesterday at Easter Jared and I announced to our families that we will be expecting our first child sometime in November. Since we had multiple family dinners to go to we thought what a great way to share our exciting news. First we told my Grandma and Grandma Ashworth, then Jared’s whole family and then my grandma Mary. Jared and I came up with a little saying that said, A new little Turkey will be joining us at Thanksgiving! Barkley is going to be a big brother. Most of our family members got it right away while it took some of the others a few minutes. One thought we were getting a new dog.
Last Thursday was our very first doctor’s appointment and we were excited and nervous all rolled into one. The doctor did not know if she would be able to find the heartbeat but sure enough she found it and it was beating healthy at 175 beats per minute. We are scheduled for our first sonogram on Thursday at 4:00 pm. I know that will be all I can think about on Thursday but I wanted to make sure that Jared would be able to go because it will be the first time we get to see our baby!
I am sure that my blog will be better now that I have something exciting to share with everyone! Below is our baby's first Easter Basket that was left at The Marriott's!