Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Great Weekend with Old Friends and Family

Well last weekend we headed back to Troy for a weekend full of seeing old friends and celebrating Jared's Birthday. His Birthday is not until Monday but in the Marriott Family we celebrate Birthdays for about a Month. So, Jared needed to kick his off right. 

Friday night we picked up a car full of people in Troy and headed over to The Tap Room in Saint Joseph. We were lucky to find a table that would fit all of use and Jeff joined us later with some cards for drinking games!  It was a great chance for Jared to talk with his friends and I got to chat with my Ladies. We are blessed to have great friends that no matter how long it has been since our last chat or visit we easily pick back up where we left off. That is a sign of True Friendship! After an interesting Evening we parted ways with Lisa and headed home. The men thought they need Taco Bell and fifteen 5 layer burritos were ordered. It was funny to hear the drive through guy read back the order but the guys eyes were bigger then their tummies!   It was a wonderful evening and here are some of the pictures! 

    Saturday and Sunday we spent our time with family and it was wonderful. After a long weekend and fun night out with friends on Friday. We got up for Reid's basketball game at 8:00 am on Saturday, it was early but so much fun and we finally got to see him play. Reid's team didn't win but he did an great job! Way to Go Reid! Saturday night we went out to dinner with some family and tried out luck at the Casino. Before that Jared had to open some of his Birthday gifts! Sunday we enjoyed lunch with the Sutherland's and Neil! The weekend went way to fast and before we knew it we were back in Saint Mary's Preparing for the Week!

    Until Next Time! Happy Birthday Jared! We Love You!

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    A weekend full of Wonderful People...

    With school and internship starting up again, we wanted to make the most of this weekend. Friday we decided to spend the evening at home. We cooked a Delicious meal together and Barkley even had to see what was going on. After dinner we watched some of our shows that were recorded on the DVR. If your reading this and do not have one, you must get one. They are AMAZING!!

    Saturday Jared had to work but then we headed to Topeka for dinner and drinks with friends. We had a wonderful time. It is always great to chat with friends and meet new people. At dinner Jared ordered a drink and he was shocked when it make in a margarita glass. We all found it funny but he was a good sport about it..

    Sunday It was off to Hiawatha for a baby shower and it was a great time to chat with friends. When I arrived to the shower, I was early so I choose to stay in the car and read over one of my nutrition books. Well, it was so foggy when I drove in and my lights were on.. Well, since I did not get out of the car, I left the lights on and the battery died. My only option was for Tara to jump start if after the shower was over.. Which was a first time for the both of us and we both were talking to our dads the whole time. The main thing is that we were able to do it and it was a great feeling. Dad told me to just drive home and don't turn of the car for anything.. I made it home safely.  On a happier note the shower for Jordan was wonderful and she looked Beautiful 8 months pregnant. We played games and gave advice for her. Since many of us have yet to experience motherhood, our advice was funny and interesting!  It was great to see Jordan and she received a ton of cute things! Below is a picture of the gift Tara and I gave Jordan. I thought it was cute, so I took a picture!

    Jared and Danielle's Work Out Challenge... In order for us to get into shape we have placed a little money on the line and the winner gets $50.00... We are eating healthier and working out. We purchased a work out DVD, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. this 20 minute video kicks your booty and leaves us feeling great after it. We recommend it to everyone. On days that we aren't doing the DVD its running, which is not our favorite but it has to be done!

    Hope Everyone is having an amazing Monday! Tomorrow School and Boot camp (Clinical Nutrition Review) starts up. Ready or Not here We Come!

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Our Life Would not be complete Without Barkley B.

    Never in our wildest dreams did we ever know how much love we would have for Barkley Birdie. Since the moment we held him in our arms we knew that he would be fit in perfectly. Since Barkley did not make it into any of the pictures from Dallas, he is getting is own post. We are posting some old, funny and new pictures of Barkley over the last few years.. 

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    Family Road Trip

    Last Week The Sutherland family took a road trip to visit our old neighbors Travis, Ashley & Oreo. We left on a Thursday and returned home Monday! The trip was full of great food, shopping & Ripley's believe it or not! For some odd reason we did not take very many pictures but here are some of our favorites! Enjoy..

    Telling Oprah how easy it is to lose weight just by eating Healthy.. :)

    Our last stop was the Stockyard and a trip to Billy Bob's. Each day they do a cattle drive down main street. We were able to see the Texas Longhorns up close and take some cool pictures.

    Billy Bob's is the world's Largest Honky Tonk. Dad and Uncle Gene went there many years ago. They walked four miles but made it to Billy Bob's. We only felt it was only right to Honor Uncle Gene by visiting and having a Cold one! This was our first family trip and enjoyed every minute of our time with great friends. Since Barkley is not in any of the pictures, the next post will be of Barkley B. and only Barkley B...