Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Great Weekend with Old Friends and Family

Well last weekend we headed back to Troy for a weekend full of seeing old friends and celebrating Jared's Birthday. His Birthday is not until Monday but in the Marriott Family we celebrate Birthdays for about a Month. So, Jared needed to kick his off right. 

Friday night we picked up a car full of people in Troy and headed over to The Tap Room in Saint Joseph. We were lucky to find a table that would fit all of use and Jeff joined us later with some cards for drinking games!  It was a great chance for Jared to talk with his friends and I got to chat with my Ladies. We are blessed to have great friends that no matter how long it has been since our last chat or visit we easily pick back up where we left off. That is a sign of True Friendship! After an interesting Evening we parted ways with Lisa and headed home. The men thought they need Taco Bell and fifteen 5 layer burritos were ordered. It was funny to hear the drive through guy read back the order but the guys eyes were bigger then their tummies!   It was a wonderful evening and here are some of the pictures! 

    Saturday and Sunday we spent our time with family and it was wonderful. After a long weekend and fun night out with friends on Friday. We got up for Reid's basketball game at 8:00 am on Saturday, it was early but so much fun and we finally got to see him play. Reid's team didn't win but he did an great job! Way to Go Reid! Saturday night we went out to dinner with some family and tried out luck at the Casino. Before that Jared had to open some of his Birthday gifts! Sunday we enjoyed lunch with the Sutherland's and Neil! The weekend went way to fast and before we knew it we were back in Saint Mary's Preparing for the Week!

    Until Next Time! Happy Birthday Jared! We Love You!

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    1. your little family is just too cute!

      btw, where is the tap room?