Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Road Trip

Last Week The Sutherland family took a road trip to visit our old neighbors Travis, Ashley & Oreo. We left on a Thursday and returned home Monday! The trip was full of great food, shopping & Ripley's believe it or not! For some odd reason we did not take very many pictures but here are some of our favorites! Enjoy..

Telling Oprah how easy it is to lose weight just by eating Healthy.. :)

Our last stop was the Stockyard and a trip to Billy Bob's. Each day they do a cattle drive down main street. We were able to see the Texas Longhorns up close and take some cool pictures.

Billy Bob's is the world's Largest Honky Tonk. Dad and Uncle Gene went there many years ago. They walked four miles but made it to Billy Bob's. We only felt it was only right to Honor Uncle Gene by visiting and having a Cold one! This was our first family trip and enjoyed every minute of our time with great friends. Since Barkley is not in any of the pictures, the next post will be of Barkley B. and only Barkley B...

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