Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Potatoes.. Yum Yum

Graeme tried sweet potatoes for the first time last night and loved them! We are so excited to give him all different kinds of foods! I am thinking he is going to be a big eater! :)

Easter 2012- Egg Hunt

Resting up for the Big Hunt!
Graeme with his goodies and Colin golfing in the background

Easter 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter Basket
Graeme's Easter Basket contained Golf clubs! Only our 5 month old would get them already!

Okay.. One little lick!
But Mom my hand taste so much better!
What did you get Graeme?

Dying Easter Eggs


My boys!
Jared was very into the egg art
Reading while the eggs soak!
All done!

First Easter egg arrived in the Mail!!

Graeme received an Egg in the Mail! It was from his Aunt Barb and contained a car!

All Dresses up for the Easter Bunny!

It has been so much fun taking Graeme to see Santa and then the Easter Bunny! He did a great job and even tried to chew on the his fluffy arm!

A few pictures before we headed out to see the Bunny!

Hats and Sunglasses

I hoped that Graeme would hats and sunglasses and he does not seem to mind them at all! He looks so cute in all of them.


Jared picked out this Hurley shirt for Graeme right after we found out we were having a boy. He is just now big enough to wear it!

Love these Boys so much!

A Friday night in a Hotel

Grandma Mendi had surgery in March and we traveled to KC to see her! So that we could spend more time with her and Grandpa we stayed the night. Graeme did great and slept all night in his pack and play!

They are having a serious talk about the plans for the day.

Happy St. Pat's Day!

We did not do much for St. Pat's day except go shopping with Grandma Mendi.It's always fun to dress G up for any Holiday!