Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fantastic Friday and a Relaxing Weekend

As most of you know Friday until Easter we can not eat meat. Sometimes that makes getting together with friends hard especially when the weather has been wonderful and we are all dying to grill out.  The Dewitt's invited us over for dinner last night and Dustin showed us his cooking skills by making his own version of Jalapeno poppers and grilled shrimp. We had a great meal and wonderful talk about movies we have all cried over. How funny! We got to play with Carly and that always make us smile. Such a cute little muffin!

Other activities happening in our lives are school and internship. Jared is really getting into so fun classes and toured Colbert Hill's Golf courses new clubhouse. Which he was amazed, its much larger then the old one.  His days are filled with grass and other interesting things that I have no clue how to describe. I spend my days counseling patients with different nutritional needs and I love it! I never thought that I could work 40 hours a week for free and not hate getting up every morning. Guess I really did find my calling! May 15th I will be a graduate from KSU!!

Barkley B. is doing great and loves the warm weather.. He is currently crying for me to play with him! Here are some pictures of him digging for a toy and one watching TV.. Such a spoiled dog

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