Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame..

Friday night we headed home to drop off Barkley B and spend sometime with our families. Jared decided that he needed to hit the driving range with Colin and Ross. After that we enjoyed dinner at the Greaser's and then headed out to the Marriott's. It was a great evening just chatting with our parents and family.

Saturday we headed to KC to watch the Royals play the Boston Red Socks.. Going to the ball park would not be complete without some new Royals shirts and some wonderful tailgating food! We decided that it would be best for us to just spend the night and the hotel was within walking distance of the stadium.. We meet up with some friends and enjoyed an afternoon full great food and were so excited to head into the stadium.  The Royals did not win but it was a great time and we can not wait to head back to the ball park for another game.. Sunday we decided to do some shopping and then head home to our Barkley...We sure did miss that little fur ball!

                                                    Tory.. King of the Grill!!

Our week is off to a great start and Jared's last day  at Kmart is Friday!! WooHooo.. Now the pressure is on me to find a job.. :)

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