Monday, May 24, 2010

Life slowed down, Now more time for blogging.!.!

Last week was our first week without school and VA internship. I have to admit I was bored out of my mind. Crazy I know but I love the trill of deadlines, seeing patients, charting and all the stress that comes along with it. But I have one small item that I need to be studying for but I can only take an hour of that or so each day...In order to get myself to study I stroll down to  MJ's Coffee shop. Which is my new place to study and I have to say it again I love that place!

With all of the rain Jared has not had to work as long of hours as he did last week which it is nice to have him home fairly early in the evenings. So, Friday night we headed down the street to try out Emerald's diner and it was amazing. The owners are the nicest people and the food was out of this world.. We both agreed that we will be visiting them again soon!

One of the perks of him working at the Country club is free golf for him and his wife.. So on Saturday afternoon Jared and I headed to the golf course. I have never played 18 hours and with a golf tourney coming up I figured I better give it a go.. It was a success and we both had a wonderful time. Some pictures from my Iphone, the course is beautiful and I can't wait to play it again this week!

Barkley in the flowers and Steve and Angie's house! He was hot and looking for a cool place!

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