Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One part of the RD exam has be reviewing Science of food, what nutrients are in what foods and so on. Well, since I have been so board I have set a goal that once or twice a week I make a new recipe! I can't help but think of the material I have been reviewing while I am cooking and what nutrients the items contain.

Tuesday night I prepared and Taco ring from the Papered Chef cookbook that my mother gave me for Christmas..

Today, I prepared peanut butter cookies and Chocolate cookies that are Caramel filled. I have always wanted to make the chocolate cookies ever since Carol Johnson made them for me on my Birthday when I was in high school. So, I gave them a try today and they turned out great! Jared will be taking these cookies to the golf course tomorrow.. They do not need to hang around our house..

For dinner tonight I prepared a breakfast sausage casserole from allrecipies.com.. Fingers crossed that it turns out!

A dear friend Bekah,  that I met my first day at KSU in Chemistry 1 is coming down to got out for lunch tomorrow. I could not be more excited! I have not seen her since the Pediatric Forum at Children's Mercy and they were not worried about us getting caught up on each others lives so that is what tomorrow is for! We are also going to have a guest, Colin! We love when he comes to visit us!

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