Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whirl Wind of a Weekend!

We headed back home on Friday and the weekend was suppose to be full of relaxation! Yeah Right! Friday night we visited my parents and then it was off to the Sutherland's for a night of fun! Jessica and Neil were caving pumpkins and we decided to join in on the fun! Well, then it turned into the Sutherland Vs. Lednicky Pumpkin Caving Challenge! Jessica was a lot more involved in their pumpkin then I was allowed! Jared decided that he wanted it to be perfect and I did not fit into the equation! Oh well, I had a great time snapping Pictures! We did not decide on a winner but I think The Sutherland's Won the contest!

Next up on our Whirl Wind of a weekend was a nice Saturday with My mother while Jared was in the timber checking Trail Cameras with Reid! We have a great time just hanging out and watching movies. She is doing great and We are praying she continues to get better each day! Keep Praying! Saturday night we prepared for a family Hay Rack Ride! We took enough clothes and blankets but in the end I was so happy that we did! The family decided to take the kids on a small ride and Then the Adults thought it would be a grand Idea to scare them! Here are some pictures from that night! Everyone had a great time and being with family is always fun!

The guys in the masks tried their hardest to scare the little kids. They got them to scream once but the next time the car was spotted prior to them jumping out of the woods. The kids then went to the Haunted House in Troy! It was a Happy Halloween for Everyone!

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