Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas and More Christmas

Christmas eve we attended Mass with the Sutherland's! Graeme did great like always but kept sucking on his pass so loud that people in the pew behind us could hear him! So funny! After Mass we had dinner and opened gifts!

Great Grandpa Archie and Graeme

Wow! What a cool Toy!

Books, Books and more books from Great Aunt Barb!

Christmas morning we woke early and had our annual Marriott family at my parents! They spoiled us like always!

Santa came to the Marriott's

Barkley checking out Graeme's stocking!

Happy Baby on Christmas day!

Yes! Our dog is so spoiled that he knows how to open gifts!

Papa and his baby

Next up was Grandma and Grandpa Marriott's, Ashworth's and our last stop was back were it all started at the Sutherland's house!


Oh Santa Graeme is not a fan!

Graeme and all his wonderful gifts! What a blessed little boy!

Very very tired!

Hope that Everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We are so happy to have a little one to share all of our traditions with and excited to start new ones along the way! Already excited for next Christmas!

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