Sunday, November 13, 2011

1st of Many week's with Graeme Ryker

One week ago our lives changed when Graeme decided to make his way into the world. This past week has been full of many emotions and we have learned so much about ourselves and life with a baby.

Top ten things we have learned this week

10. One little cry or whimper can wake us from a dead sleep.
9. At one time the thought of baby poop use to make Jared gag but now we both do our best to get Graeme all cleaned up with little to no crying.
8. When changing a little boys diaper, make sure that its pointing down or Covered at all time. If not you will be changing his outfit more then his normal 10 times and not because you need to see him all his cute outfits.
7. Teamwork is not just something that has to take place in a sporting event. Jared and I work great as a team and this has made the past week go as smooth as it possibly could go.
6. Patience... We had never had it until now!
5. When people tell you that you should nap when the baby naps... DO it! you never know when you will be up all night with a gassy baby.
4. When planning to go someplace it is important to make sure that you allow plenty of time for the whole family to get ready. Just when you think everyone is ready, someone has to be changed due to a dirty diaper. Not sweating these minor set backs helps!
3. Our family are Amazing. Our family has shown so much love for Graeme for us over the past week. My mother has helped us get through the week and helped us out a ton. No words can truly thank her for all that she has done for us.
2. Creating a home with lots of love is what we want our son to grow up in and it all starts with the love between Jared and I. We have to continue to work on our relationship even though we are now parents.
1. Being a parent is the most amazing thing in the world. People tell you how great it is but you never really understand it until you hold your child in your arms or kiss his sweet chubby cheeks.
God has blessed us with a wonderful baby boy and family. We are so very blessed and thankful for all of it.

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  1. Wow, you have already learned a lot in one short week! I have enjoyed your recent blogs and pictures. It helps me get filled in on your new mommy life :) By the way, It looks like Graeme might have your beautiful red hair :)