Sunday, November 13, 2011

All in a few days....

We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and had our first appointment at the breastfeeding clinic at 11:00 am on Thursday. Graeme lost about 10.8% of his body weight while we were still in the hospital. This met we had to go to the clinic for him to be weighed and he need to not only get breast milk but formula as well. The first night of supplementing we were in the hospital and I had a nurse that would help me with each feeding. Then once we arrived at home it was just us. It was more difficulty then I thought because I was not use to having to get a 10cc syringe and a feeding tube ready each time I need to feed Graeme. At the clinic they weighed him and he was up 1 oz from the previous day and then gained one ounce after he ate while at the clinic. They did not think he needed to supplement but thought if would be good to come in the next day for another weigh in. The next day he gained an ounce and a half! Way to Go Graeme.

After all of that we made it home and decided to go out to lunch at Emerald's Diner! This was Graeme's very first time going out to eat. We were joined by my mother, Grandma Sharon and Aunt Shari. We had a great time. After some resting we made our way to Manhattan for some quick shopping at GTM, Graeme needed some KSU clothes to wear while watching the game on Saturday. Post shopping we went to Jesse and Colin's house for a visit. It was a wonderful evening but wore us all out!

Saturday some of our family came down for a visit if they had not meet Greame! It was a great day full of family! We loved every minute of it!

Just a few of my favorite pictures!

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