Monday, August 15, 2011

Wonderful Weekend at the Lake

We spent the past weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks! The weather was beautiful and the sales on baby boy clothes were Amazing! We were able to purchase many outfits for our baby boy! Below is a picture of some cute shoes we purchased. Jared also found a very cute pair of Hurley jeans.. I didn't even know they made them so tiny!

Its safe to say that this little boy is going to be very Blessed!(I don't like to use the word spoiled)

Our family went for a nice little hike at Ha Ha Tonka State Park! Barkley enjoyed the nice little walk and the trail was amazing! I had taken a hike at this park many years ago with my cousins Cory and Mitch. Our grandfather took us but the weather was over a 100 degrees and not a very fun hike! After Saturdays trip I have better memory of Ha Ha Tonka!

This was Baby Sutherland's second trip to the lake house! The first time we told my parents they were going to be grandparents!

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